• Customers feed back:
  • December 15, 2020 by Hubert T, Dabney Nursery, Memphis

    I have bought several of Ping’s roses and have enjoyed them. My Yellow Submarine is a really good bloomer throughout our hot Memphis summer. Grandma’s Blessing, Music Box and Kashmir are also some of my favorites. I tell customers Ping breeds roses on shrub stock and have anywhere from floribunda to hybrid tea blooms, usually very disease resistant and a much better alternative in my opinion than the ubiquitous Knockout varieties.

  • December 13, 2020 by Anita Eckley 

    I have three of your climbers —FLYING KISS. All three are thriving and surviving. They only needed a “tip” prune for the worst winter in 40 years. Colorado Springs. 6,000 feet. I was surprised that these climbers did so well, as I did not cover. Thank you for your hybridizing and your roses that reflect such loveliness. I’m a fan.

  • All the Rage:
    • I've had this rose for 2 seasons now and it's just amazing. Hardy, extremely healthy, and moderately fragrant. This rose blooms continuously and each bloom goes through many color changes. Out of 120+ roses in my garden this one easily makes my top 5 list...  noted by Laura Wilcox
    •  No Spray Roses for the Southeastern United States : This rose with superior resistance (less than 2% foliage infected) to black spot and cercospora leaf spot were considered no-spray roses (do not require fungicides for clean foliage).       by Univ. of Tennessee