Sweet Fragrance -Portland best Gradiflora 2008

Sweet Fragrance Each bloom matures to salmon-pink adding interest with the range of color. Bred for natural disease resistance and hardiness, the Sweet Fragrance rose will continue to bloom throughout the season, giving you long-lasting beauty and unparalleled ease of care. The Sweet Frangrance rose contains clusters of buds and blooms that are held on sturdy canes making them perfect for cutting. The Sweet Fragrance rose provides for: Easy care, low maintenance - no complicated pruning required Rich color all summer long - continuous blooms provide long-lasting beauty Environmentally friendly - no chemicals are required to maintain health. The Easy Elegance® Garden Art® Sweet Fragrance rose, Rosa 'BAInce' (PPAF), has hybrid tea-shaped buds in tropical tints of coral and orange with a deep yellow base that swirl open to full, sweetly fragrant, apricot blossoms. An Easy way to a beautiful garden The Sweet Fragrance rose is part of the Easy Elegance® Rose Collection which makes it easy for everyone to grow beautiful roses.