Macy's Pride™ - 2002 Best New England Rose award

 Macy's Pride™
The Easy Elegance® Garden Art® Macy's Pride™ rose, Rosa 'BAIcream' (PP15,574), a delightful rose, was selected by Macy’s Department Store for their centennial. Bred for natural disease resistance and hardiness, the Macy's Pride™ rose will continue to bloom throughout the season, giving you long-lasting beauty and unparalleled ease of care. Lemon-yellow buds open fully to creamy-white and age gracefully with a hint of pink. The Macy's Pride™ rose was the New England Rose Society Award Winner in 2002. The Macy's Pride™ rose provides for: Easy care, low maintenance - no complicated pruning required Rich color all summer long - continuous blooms provide long-lasting beauty Environmentally friendly - no chemicals are required to maintain health. Disease-resistant foliage is red-rimmed when immature and ages to a beautiful semi-glossy, medium green. An Easy way to a beautiful garden The Macy's Pride™ rose is part of the Easy Elegance® Rose Collection which makes it easy for everyone to grow beautiful