Ordering with us is easy!

1. Check out what's available on The Roses page.
2. Email or Skype us with the name of the variety you want

Please note: Currently able to offer our varieties in #1 bareroot bundle of 5 for $72.50 + shipping and handling with one variety per bundle. 

Wish to name a rose after a special person or event?

We are honored that you are interested in naming one of our roses after someone or something special to you. We are pleased to offer customized naming for $7500 per variety. Names are given to our best forthcoming varieties. You are welcome to describe preferred traits in your request (e.g.: yellow, shrub).

Want Ping to speak at your event or write for your publication?

Ping loves to share his passion for roses. He is happy to consider requests for speaking engagements, interviews, and articles.

Email: jane [at] rosesbyping [dot] com
Skype: RosesByPing