Award winners

AARS 2002 for Love & Peace  
  • DayDream AARS 2005, Portland Best Shrub 2005
  • Love and Peace AARS 2002, Portland Best 2006, N.Ireland Gold Medal 2004, Belfast Best HT 2004  
  • Rainbow Sorbet AARS 2006,Portland Best 2008 
  • Macy's Pride™ - 2002, Best New England Rose Award
  • Pink Gnome - Japan Best award 2007
  • Sweet Fragrance- Portland Best Gradiflora 2008
  • Sunrise Sunset - Portland Best Shrub 2007
  • Yellow Brick Road - Portland Best Shrub 2009
  • High Voltage - Portland Best Shrub 2010
  • Sweet Fragrance - Portland Best Gradiflora 2010
  • The Finest -- Portland Best HT 2011
  • Coral Cove -- Portland Best Shrub 2014
  • Award-Winning Results []

    • In 2002, Ping Lim was awarded his first All-America Rose Selections Award for his hybrid tea, Love & Peace®.
    • One of Ping's roses was chosen by Macy's department store to celebrate their 100-year anniversary. The rose was named Macy's Pride™ and won the prestigious New England Rose Society Award.
    • The AARS honored Ping for the second time by choosing Rosa DayDream (PPAF) as one of their 2005 winners.
    • In 2006, Portland awarded Easy Elegance and Ping “Best Rose” for Love and Peace.
    • In 2007, Ping’s Sunrise Sunset was chosen as Portland’s Best Shrub Rose at the annual rose festival.
    • In 2008, Ping recieved total of 3 awards’s: Portland’s Best, Floribunda and Grandiflora.
    • In 2009, Ping’s Yellow Brick Road was chosen as Portland’s Best Shrub Rose.
    • In 2010, High Voltage and Sweet Fragrance entitled Portland Best Shrub and Grandiflora.
    • In 2011, The Finest won Portland Best HT. 
    • In 2014, Coral Cove won Portland Best Shrub. 

    The success of these and other Easy Elegance award winners is due to attributes found in all Easy Elegance roses. Performance beyond belief. Vibrant color and prolific reblooming. Winter hardiness. Resistance against diseases that affect other roses, such as black spot and mildew. All with virtually no maintenance.